Aune XP1 Expand

Aune XP1


Linear power supply with discrete components for'aune X1S and'aune T1SE. Improves the overall dynamic, expanded the sound stage, ensuring a sharper image of the layers of sound.

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This linear power supply'aune XP1 discrete components from a 13V X2 / 0.8 A is dedicated to the equipment of the brand'AUNE: 'AUNE X1s and T1Se that are equipped with input 5-pin DIN.

Compatibility is also ensured with the player streamer network player'aune, X5s due to the presence of an output jack DC 9V 0.5 A.

This linear power supply the external aluminium is fitted in the inside of a toroidal transformer , shielded and on the pcb that is able to satisfy, in an optimal manner, the power supply requirements of the products 'AUNE.

By inserting this external power supply high-performance, one immediately perceives a greater dynamics and lower distortion. In fact, the soundstage gains distinctly in clarity, focus and increased spatiality.

Features :

  • Linear feed for 'AUNE X1s / X5s / X7s / T1se
  • Housing with aluminium front (Black or Silver)
  • Power-on via ON/OFF button rear
  • Outputs on jacks DC Jack 2.1, and DIN
  • A DC output 9V
  • An AC output 13.5 V
  • Size: 151x86x65mm
  • Weight: 2kg

Compatibility :

  • On DIN output : 'AUNE, X1s, X7s. T1SE
  • Output Jack : 'AUNE X5s

Amenities :

  • An IEC cable 2m
  • Cable DIN 5-pin
  • Cable, DC jack to DC 2.1
  • A USB key with the user's manual in English

Aune XP1 Alimentatore Lineare Hi-Fi

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Superb Sound of Aune

As Ao Lai Er Technology’s high quality HiFi brand, Aune has been devoted to developing and producing desktop, portable and car audio products. Founded in the year of 2004, Ao Lai Er owns the largest Chinese audio technology website - HIFIDIY.NET and high end audio brand TITANS.

HIFIDIY.NET has 700 thousand members. It’s always been a platform for the most advanced HiFi technology communications and practice. We gained lots of experience from the long-term accumulation, and have released hundreds of kits and parts from independent R&D, which are well received around the world! Aune team is a group of audiophiles who only pursue the best. We use our products in daily life and we love each and every one of them! Superb sound is Aune’s goal; great user experience and satisfaction is what Aune pursues. We are striving to make Aune one of the world’s famous audio brands in the future!

In order to design a world-class audio products, aune include the formation of an excellent R & D team of professional designers at home and abroad, has a number of strong, serious and responsible work of professional and technical personnel in our team, as well as a love for music professional audio career employees, 100 percent have a college, doctoral, master's degree or above.

The most important thing is that they have strong technical strength, for the sound development of a range of products, from the cd drive, speakers, amplifiers, decoders, and even the future of the player home audio and video so you can design the perfect product, and can get the industry the affirmation and recognition of consumers!

When aune desnigning new products, always beyond the requirements of the design team as the previous design, and their designs without any restrictions, I hope they can continue to design products beyond their own style, always fashionable to give audio products vitality, so aune team designed products always remain at the forefront of the audio industry!