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Master Quality Digital Audio Player with the ability to read files in high-resolution PCM 32-bit/384kHz and DSD-128 5.8 MHz native. Direct reading of the ISO file of the SACD. Can operate as a DAC. Touch Screen with Android operating system 4.4. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, USB-C 3.0.

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The Cayin i5 is a Digital Audio Player of the latest generation, able to play a huge variety of audio formats, even in high and very high resolution, including the formats for encoding PCM, DSD and SACD.

Cayin i5 is constructed entirely of aerospace aluminum alloy, with cuts made through computer numerical control machines (CNC). Every single piece is hand assembled and finished in every detail.

The control buttons are engraved using the most modern and precise techniques of blasting. Pleasant to the touch and very sensitive to the commands given by the user, the Cayin i5 is capable of decoding native audio streams (PCM, DSD , and also the ISO of the SACD, including the format of the encoding, the DST.

A simple user interface and, at the same time, modern and stylish allows access to all of the operational functions of reproduction and also to the many settings, offering the user a combination of a fully functional interface to graphics and sound.

The large LCD touch screen 4" it has a good contrast and brightness, making it clearly visible in all circumstances.

The Digital Audio Player Cayin i5 is the result of close collaboration with the HiBy Music, famous for the homonymous app music playback systems Android and iOS.

i5 will fully meet your listening needs, since it can play many audio formats. Can decode, in fact, the format PCM up to 32bit/384kHz and native DSD.

Plays DSD up to 5.6 MHz, including the ISO file encoded with DST.

We know your needs of listening to music

Based on the Android operating system 4.4, the Cayin i5 integrates the world-famous Player Lossless HiBy, easy-to-use, but comprehensive of all the most advanced features that provide audio performance of the highest level.

Cayin i5 may connect with the devices audio bluetooth and become a music player that is wireless.

You are no longer limited by a physical connection while you enjoy your favorite music!

The portable music player, Cayin i5 also supports third-party applications, and how is it connected to the WiFi allows you to access in comfort to your music via the network LAN, DLNA or even through DropBox.

We have created a player that, even if portable, complies with the most rigorous canons of audiophiles good listening, both when used independently, both when they are played back audio streams streaming through the wireless connection.

The extremely compact dimensions (12.6 x 6.4 x 1.4 cm) make it extremely comfortable to handle or carry in a pocket, thanks to its low weight of only 196 grams.

The internal memory is 32GB but is expandable up to 200GB with a TF card MicroSD.

Thanks to the USB connector-C, the Cayin i5 can operate in synergy with a variety of external devices of storage, such as portable hard disks, memory cards, so you can expand at will the storage capacity.

Connect the USB type-C is really fast and versatile; in fact it may transmit the data to the extraordinary speed of 50MB/s (USB 3.0) and, at the same time, it can operate as a charging port and as a USB DAC, all through a single port!

With the Cayin i5-you have a portable player that allows you to access your music from wherever it resides at any time!

In fact, you will only have access to a DropBox account to be able to play music directly or download it locally.

In addition, it is possible to do file sharing (file sharing) or remote play through a local area network LAN or DLNA.

It is not only a portable player

The Cayin i5 is not only a Digital Audio Player, but it is much more. In fact, when it is connected to a computer through the USB connection, i5 can operate as a USB DAC at all effects, with a capacity of up to 32bit/384kHz.

The Cayin i5 becomes, then, the digital audio source for your home entertainment system.

It can also operate as a digital transport, sending to a DAC outside the audio signal is PCM or DSD (DoP) via an adapter cable to USB-C to the Coaxial. Or connect directly to USB input of an external DAC using a USB-C to USB.

In a few words, you can connect your Cayin i5 D/A converters, to the line input of any audio amplifier, a headphone amplifier, etc.

Built-in battery 4800mAh ultra-high performance

Speaking of autonomy, the duration of the built-in battery 4800mAh is about 11 hours of playback offline, or approx 10 hours playback wi-fi (performance for indicative purposes only and may vary according to the specific use).

Exceptional Processing Power for Audio

Based on construction technology to 40 nanometers, the logic board Leadcore Technology LC1813 adopt-a processor quad-core ARM Cortex A7 at 1.2 GHz coupled with a GPU dual-core Mali-400MP2 @ 400 MHz, with interface to fast memory LPDDR,LPDDR2, DDR3.

This solution offers a perfect balance between processing power and energy consumption.

Hardware Audio without compromise

The Cayin i5 is equipped with audio hardware capable of high-performance

  • AKM AK4490: This DAC chip can operate both in mode PCM mode DSD, with an authentic native encoding.
  • PGA2311: volume control analog to digital control a low noise.
  • AD712: Op-Amp with very low offset voltage and drift, low noise and high speed. Very analytical, defined, and precise.
  • OPA1652: Op-Amp low noise density and very low distortion, increases the spatiality of the virtual stage, and maximizes the dynamic range.
  • BUF634: Op-Amp, high-speed, raises the output current up to 250mA, for excellent audio performance

Diagram of operation

Audio Formats? We have everything you need!

Fashions change, but the elegance and the style are always of the

With Cayin i5, nothing will be as before!

Hi-Res Audio HDYou
USB HostYou
USB HostSi
Hi-Res Audio HDSi
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