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  • Cocktail AUDIO X12
    Cocktail AUDIO X12

    Cocktail Audio X12 is the new Audio System the HiFi versatile and powerful, able to rip CD Audio and function as a Music Server for streaming music, in standard resolution and in high resolution (HD Music).

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X30
    Cocktail AUDIO X30

    The X30 is an Audio System HiFi practical and innovative, with the ability to store CD Audio and work as a Music Streamer for streaming music in high resolution.

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X35
    Cocktail AUDIO X35

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X40
    Cocktail AUDIO X40

    CocktailAUDIO X40 is the flagship of our Music Server, it plays natively and directly to the audio format DSD as well as PCM and DXD, thanks to the adoption of a system of digital conversion of the signal based on the coupled XMOS and the Sabre ESS9018 32bit.

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X50
    Cocktail AUDIO X50

    CocktailAUDIO X50 is a mechanical digital transport pure, music server, and a network streamer at the same time. Allows the reading native and direct system of audio encoding to DSD, PCM and DXD. The perfect complement to pair with a DAC High-End Audio.

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  • CocktailAUDIO Dongle Wi-Fi USB
    CocktailAUDIO Dongle Wi-Fi USB

    CocktailAUDIO WiFi Dongle USB. Adds the capability for a wi-fi connection Wireless 300 Mbit/s to the Music Server CocktailAUDIO.

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  • CocktailAUDIO N15

    CocktailAUDIO N15 is a network audio player featuring DAC ESS Sabre 9018 with max resolution 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD64 / DSD128 / DSD256. A slot allows for the installation of an internal hard drive to store thousands of audio files with CD quality or Studio Master HD. Native app for iOS or Android, and web interface compatible with any computer,...

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