Xindak FS-2 Cavi di Potenza Expand

Xindak FS-2 Cavi di Potenza


Xindak FS-2 power cables to foils in a mix of silver and OFC copper, 5N single crystal of 0.1 mm thickness and 20mm width in the structure Flat-Foil sandwich. Low impedance and high speed.

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This cable for hi-fi systems of medium and high level consists of sheets of oxygen-free copper single-crystal and pure silver with the structure Flat-Foil sandwich.

The insulation used is Teflon wrapped by a layer of soft PVC.

The outer coating is rather sturdy nylon braided. The structure of Flat-Foil attenuates the skin effect and the phase distortion and helps to decrease the characteristic impedance in total. In addition, the heat conducting properties of silver are known to be the best among all the metals.

The resistance per unit length of the silver to 20° is, in fact, equal to 0.016 ohm/m, followed by copper (0.0175 ohm/m) and gold (0.0225 ohm/m), which allows the passage of higher current by increasing the transmission speed. The end result is a great performance on high frequencies that are clear and velvety. The mids are full-bodied and rich; instruments such as the piano or the harp are reproduced in a realistic way, the sound stage is particularly airy and spacious.

The low frequencies are full and have a great dynamic.

In conclusion, this cable not only contains all the benefits of the model FS-1, but the quality is even higher. In particular, the high tones and mid-sized businesses to the levels of the best production at world level and will satisfy fully the needs of enthusiasts and experts.

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