Xindak PA-1 Finale Mono 230 WATT Expand

Xindak PA-1 Finale Mono 230 WATT



Xindak PA-1 power amps (mono) 230 WATTS with a transistor Sanken high-voltage, peak current is 68A. The price for the channel.

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The Xindak PA-1 amplifier is a power amplifier consisting of two massive blocks of pure, weighing about 35Kg each, capable of delivering a power of 250 Watts per channel. This system of final amplification is the top of the line Xindak and excels in musical performance, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect really excelled. The salient features of this solution in a hi-fi high-level are the very large stage, able to recreate and the perfect focusing of the scene.

The Xindak PA-1 adopts a circuit of amplification a moderate. The current amplification is provided by a circuit of type Darlington, and the output stage consists of four pairs of transistors SANKEN high voltage, whose peak current is 68A. Each end is powered by two separated toroidal transformers capable of well-300W each: the toroidal transformers are placed inside the two capsules of metal screens that are mounted below the motherboard the main. The total capacity of the capacitors on the main power supply is 100,000 uF/80V. The rectifier bridge adopts the four elements 50A in order to reduce the internal resistance of the power component and with the aim of increasing the drive capability while maintaining a high dynamic.

PS: The preamp must be purchased separately.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output power: 250W/channel (with the load to 8 Ohms), including 430w/channel load 4 Ohms)

  • 30% of the power is in Class A

  • Input sensitivity: 2V

  • THD: <0.02%

  • SNR: 100dB

  • Frequency response: 10Hz~100KHz (-1dB)

  • Coefficient of Damping: 140

  • Power consumption: <300W

  • Peak power in Amps: 102A

  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 430mm x 203mm x 460mm

  • Weight: 35Kg per channel

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