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Xindak XA6950(09)



Xindak XA6950(09) Amplifier Hybrid integrated valve 6922 in the preamp section, dual-mono symmetrical with dual toroidal transformer.

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The XA6950(09) integrated amplifier hybrid from 130 watts per channel, that combines the advantages of tube sound to the power of amplification to solid state. The structure is entirely Dual Mono, for a complete separation of the stereo channels..

They are, in fact, adopted two toroidal transformers of power for the left and right channels, each of which follows a path of amplification, separate.

For the volume control is used a potentiometer motorized ALPS blue large size, operating in the exclusive mode called “potentiometer to the analog-to-digital control indirect”, patented by Xindak, which ensures maximum precision and no distortion of the signal.

The front panel is enriched by a functional VFD display of generous size and of great visual impact. All functions are conveniently controllable from remote with a handy remote control.

The amplifier is controlled by a microcomputer equipped with different security features that offer security and an easy to use.

This integrated amplifier hybrid also integrates a unit of digital to analog conversion, or DAC, that allows you to connect via the USB port on a computer: in this way, we will be able to play music files directly through the USB digital interface of our computer.

In addition, the Xindak XA6950(09) can also be used as a power amplifier, using the appropriate inputs on the rear panel.

  1. Transformer hybrid (valve 6922 in the preamp section)

  2. Power 130W/8ohm

  3. DAC with USB interface (can be connected to a PC to play liquid music)

  4. Dual toroidal transformer power structure entirely Dual Mono

  5. Remote control

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