Xindak XA8800MNE Finale Mono 200 WATT Expand

Xindak XA8800MNE Finale Mono 200 WATT



Xindak XA8800MNE final mono 200-Watt Mosfet heavily biased in Class A. the RCA Inputs, and XLR. The price for a single channel.

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Designed with a Dual-Mono, separate the XA8800MNE is a amplifier in Class A with a circuit symmetrical feedback. The main circuit follows these project guidelines:

The input stage uses an amplification circuit fast and wide frequency with a structure able to compensate the cross-coupling of the channels.

The complex structure of the circuit Darlinton of the amplification stage of the current not only ensures an adequate increase in voltage, but raises the input impedance to get the best coupling possible between the various stages of amplification.

In addition, the adoption of a circuit-type Cascode offers an excellent solution to the drug and to the disturbances on high frequencies. In this way, can be widened the frequency range, the characteristic curve of the output of the bipolar transistor is improved and distortion is reduced.

Transistor type high-power FET are placed on the output stage and reduce the output impedance, increase the power and improve the load capacity with a low resistance.

The power for each channel adopts a toroidal transformer of high quality 600W.

The power supply of the amplification stage of the signal and of the current are completely separated: the power supply to the signal stage is supplied by a rectifier bridge 50A and the filter capacitors Rubycon 60,000 uF and, after a proper filtering, it provides direct power supply; the power supply of the amplification stage of the current adopts, instead, a power supply is extremely stable, high-speed, low noise, and low impedance, and with a great capacity of protection from the disorders caused by the fluctuations of the current: all of this makes the sound extremely clean.

Also, are employed and advanced security features, like protection through the ignition circuit the delayed and over-current protection and surge protection of the power transistors.

This circuit provides to control properly the flow of current when it is switched on or off, so as to prevent any kind of noise.

From the moment that the XA8800MNE amplifier is a Class-A high power with the circuitry, the feedback, the sound that characterizes it is very intense, soft, sweet and warm, with a great transparency and speed.

The extension of the high is very clear and intense, the mids are perfectly defined and musical, and the bass is full and clear. In other words, the sound is fast, loud and clear, especially in the plays of baritones and a mezzo-soprano.

PS: The preamp must be purchased separately.

  • Dual-Mono with separate;

  • Amplifier in Class A, with the circuitry of the feedback;

  • Driven with transistors FET power;

  • 6 pairs of transistors, the metal in parallel on the output stage;

  • Toroidal transformers 600W high quality;

  • Rectifier bridge 50A with power filters high capacity;

  • Mother board PCB, golden 2mm;

  • The sound is warm and intense, extremely musical;

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 200W (8 ohms) 400W (4 ohm) the first 50W at 8 ohms in pure Class A

  • Frequency response: 5Hz—200KHz (±0.5 dB)

  • T. H. D : 0.025% (Rated Power)

  • S. N. R : 110dB (A-weighting)

  • Input sensitivity: 1.7 V

  • Coefficient of Damping: 210

  • Input impedance: 47Kohm

  • Size: 305mm x 202mm x 427mm (PxHxL)

  • Weight: 24Kg each

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