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T1 is a high quality headphone amplifier which allows the input range of analog or USB signal through separate headphone amplifier to drive your HIFI headphones.

Technical Features:

  • High quality liner power supply design
  • Tube buffer design
  • TE7022 +PCM1793 circuit design
  • High quality Tube USB Sound Card
  • High quality Tube Headphone-AMP
  • Support Win7, Win8, Mac, Ipad, Vista
  • Add the Headphone-amp output Gain adjust function
  • New Modular design of circuit architecture
  • Modular functional design, modules at all levels with independent power supply of high quality chips to effectively avoid signal crosstalk between intimate delay protection design, delay access headphone and shutdown quickly disconnect completely avoid the imbalance of the switch machine instantly circuit DC output impact to protect your expensive headphones and speakers.


  • Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
  • Signal to noise Ratio: >=120db
  • Line out: 2V rms
  • Suitable Headphone Impedance: 30ohm~600ohm
  • Headphone Amp Output: (biggest is 20V)
    32ohm - 1000MW
    120ohm - 400MW
    300ohm - 150MW
  • Line out inside impedance: 100ohm
  • Headphone amp insider impedance: 10ohm
  • USB support: 24bit/96kHz
  • Input jack: analog RCA jack *1, USB jack *1
  • Output jack: analog RCA jack *1, 6.5 mm jack *1
  • Tube: 6922EH Electro-Harmonix, which is equivalent to ECC88 / E88CC.

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