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Aune X7s Class A Balance Output Audio AMP HIFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier


Aune X7s is the latest model in X series. It's a pure Class-A headphone amplifier that meets the most demanding requirements. It’s also a mini high-end desktop headphone amplifier that can drive most of headphones and earphones.


  • Latest Hi-Fi desktop headphone amplifier from the same designer who designed Aune's classic Panda and B1 headphone amplifier.

Compact size

  • Slightly larger than CD Disc, X7s’s flexibility apply to diverse listening environment as study/bedroom/office.


  • Equipped with 8 pcs power transistors that split into 4 groups for true balance output, along with ±15V regulated power supply result in a powerful driving ability.

Class A is also named as A class.

  • Two pcs of (or two groups of) crystal tubes of class A amplifier output stage are always in conductive state, that is to say, no matter whether there is input signal or not, they would keep conducting current all the time and make these two currents equal to peak value of AC power. At this time AC flows into load under condition of its large signal. Because of super-low infidelity of its open-loop, it is regarded as the most idealistic amplifying design of sound.
  • Class A has merits of fullness and clearness in sound and makes triode work within linear area forever, so infidelity hardly happen to class A. It gives a very good sensitivity of listening, especially its small signal, which sounds clear, detailed and rich.

CLASS-A Function

  • X7s was set in Class-A mode at 38mA static current of each output transistor, it results in a full bodied, wide sound-stage and warm sound character.

Excellent Measurement Results

  • Frequency response: 20-200K±0.3dB, noise: 3uV, THD+N: 0.00013%---truly dark background.

Sound tuning

  • Both nature and musical, according to the real musical instruments and based on the understanding of music connotation. Various renowned headphones ware used in listening tests, such as T1,HD650,TK701,IE80,IE800,HD800,HD600,DT880,K240.


  • With three gears of gain adjust; X7s can drive most of headphones and earphones on the market.

Balance/Single-Ended Output

  • Four independent sub-circuits constitute the balance output that provides more realistic sound performance, two output terminals with two kinds of music style.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-200kHz±0.3dB
  • TYP THD + n <0.00014% @ 1kHz 300RZ
  • TYP THD + n <0.00013% @1kHz 300RZ XLR
  • TYP CCIF IMD <0.00036%
  • TYP CCIF IMD <0.00057% XLR
  • MAX OUTPUT POWER = 250mW @ 300RZ
  • MAX OUTPUT POWER = 1000mW @ 300RZ XLR
  • MAX OUTPUT POWER = 1000mW @ 32RZ
  • MAX OUTPUT POWER = 1700mW @ 32RZ XLR
  • CLASS-A POWER 200mW @ 300RZ
  • SNR>117DB @ 300RZ
  • SNR>125DB @ 300RZ XLR
  • CROSSTALK<92DB @1khz 300RZ
  • CROSSTALK<92DB @1kHz 300RZ XLR
  • Size: 145mm x 171mm x 45mm


  • Aune X7s
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter (110V or 230V)
  • 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
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Aune X7S (229 EUR)

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