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Aune X8 Magic DAC Sabre ESS 9038Q2M 32bit/768Khz, DSD512, which is built on FPGA technology, Op-amp OP-Amp replaced with the Kit supplied, Line Output Fixed or Variable for a function preamplifier.

The DAC Aune X8 is part of the family of DAC's shaped as an X, a line that he did know and appreciate'aune Audio all over the world.

X8 can be connected to a computer via USB and operate as an external DAC, which is capable of drastically improving the tone quality. It can also be connected directly to a pair of active speakers, to make a HiFi system Sound extremely compact.

The output line can be set with fixed volume (fixed) for both adjusting the volume (mode, "output variable"), being able to operate in the latter case as a real preamp you can connect it to a power amplifier or to amplified speakers.

Op-amp Op-Amp interchangeable

The chip op-amp, easily accessible from a dedicated panel located below the'aune, X8, is easily replaceable audiophile, that can go to enter other operational-type "dual" to get the sounds and the timbre is completely different.

A true palette of colors in the hands of the music fan, who can freely decide which characterization of sonic is more suited to your taste.

Are compatible the following operational:

  • NUM5532
  • OPA2604
  • MUSE001
  • OPA2134
  • LME49720

Seven-Mode Filter

There are seven filter modes to choose from. Each offers a different musicality.

  1. Fast roll-off, linear
  2. Slow roll-off linear
  3. Fast roll-off, minimum
  4. Slow roll-off, minimum
  5. Apodizing
  6. Hybrid
  7. Brickwall

FPGA technology proprietary

Aune X8 adopts a FPGA board made on specifications that are proprietary, that is responsible to process the digital signals and that makes it possible to accept audio streams in high resolution via the coaxial digital input. Therefore, it becomes possible, for example, reproduce the encoding DSD via hdmi port coaxial up to DSD128, and encoding PCM up to 384Khz (normally, such resolutions are reached by other converters only through the USB connection, and not coaxial, as in the case of X8).

In addition, the measurement table X8 shows the values of the absolute reference, with a noise of 2.96 uV, a THD+N of only 0.0006%. This is the specific excellent techniques, that allow audio performance is equally excellent.

Aune X8 Silver o Black


Aune X8 Pannello Posteriore





  • Max bit-depth: 32bit
  • Max sampling rate: 768k
  • Max frequency DSD: DSD512


  • Max bit-depth: 24bit
  • Max sampling rate: 384k
  • Max frequency DSD: DSD128 (DoP)


  • Max bit-depth:24bit
  • Max sampling rate:192k
  • Max frequency DSD: DSD64 (Pdo)

Line output


  • Output level: 2.0 Vrms
  • Frequency response: (20-20kHz)±0.2 dB
  • SNR 117dB
  • THD + N:0.0006%

Package contents

  • 'aune X8 Magical DAC
  • AC/DC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Box with extraction kit for chip operational amplifiers op-amps

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Aune X8 Magic DAC
Tutto alla perfezione, il dac fa il suo lavoro e polaris audio è sempre ha disposizione del cliente spedizione veloce imballo...
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Aune X8 Magic DAC (299 EUR)

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