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Cayin CS-100A KT-88


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The new vacuum tube amplifier Cayin Audio CS-100A can operate in two distinct modes, and delivers a power output of 80 Watts per channel in Class AB, when used in the mode, Ultra-linear, or 50 Watts per channel in mode to triode.

The mode selection can be easily performed by remote control, during the listening session.

Thanks to the presence of an appropriate measuring instrument integrated can be carried out in complete autonomy and with maximum safety, the adjustment of the Bias when there was a need.

A selector switch on the rear panel of the amplifier Cayin CS100A allows you to adapt the windings of the transformers for the alternative use of power tubes KT-88or EL-34.

The internal wiring is made without compromise and in the best tradition of tube amplifiers, that is, with the welds in the air from point to point, and with fine wires of silver.

The Cayin CS-100A employs valves 6sn7 single triode for the amplification of the voltage, 12AU7EH for the phase inversion/amplification of the voltage and 12BH7EH as a valve driver and for the amplification of the voltage and 8 valves KT-88 (or EL-34).

A special circuit on delay protects the amplifier and prolongs the operating cycle of internal components and valves electron-beams.

The volume control is entrusted to a potentiometer Alps high-performance, the capacitors used are of type audio-grade, the resistors are a film of coal, while the power section is composed of a toroidal transformer and oversized, and the output section employs transformers type EI.

These measures translate into audio performance of the highest level and make the Cayin CS-100A absolute reference in the world of high end valve based amplification.


  • Frequency response: 8 Hz ~ 75kHz (-3dB)
  • Distortion (THD): 1% (1 kHz)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 92dB
  • Input impedance: 100k
  • Input sensitivity: Input 450mV Line 1300mV
  • Valves preamplificatrici: 6sn7 single triode × 1, 2 × 12BH7EH, 12AU7EH × 2
  • Power tubes: KT88S x 8
  • Inputs: line 1, Line 2, Line 3, in Pre-in
  • Line Input Impedance (100 KOhm)
  • Sensitivity Inputs:
    Line (450mV)
    Pre-In (1300mV)
  • Circuit: Class AB
  • Colour body: anthracite metallic
  • Front panel: silver (brushed aluminium)
  • Output power (RMS) at 4 and 8 ohms: KT88S: 50W + 50W triode, 80W + 80W Ultra-Linear
  • Maximum power consumption: 480W
  • Dimensions (L x w x h): 420mm × 394mm × 200mm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Features: Remote control, Bias Meter integrated


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