The 'DNA' of Atlas cables: We design & manufacture. Not everyone does.

il DNA dei Cavi Audio Atlas Cables

Note that we wrote "we plan and we realize. This clarification is really very important.

A good part of the audio cable brands should be seen, more than anything else, as 'assemblers' and not as manufacturers. Their products, in fact, are generally assembled using a combination of loose parts already present on the market, and therefore the core of the cable itself, the insulating materials, the terminations and the overall performance parameters deriving from the use of these materials, are strongly limited by the quality of what is already available, for everyone, on the market.

Our DNA is unique.

At Atlas, when we create a new audio cable, connector or accessory, we never look in someone else's component catalogues.

We define the performance specifications we want to achieve and then design and produce every single element that allows us to achieve (or even exceed) the goal we have set. All Atlas products are our intellectual property and you won't find the same cables or connectors anywhere else.

In short, Atlas Cables products are unique and only Atlas products.

Original Ideas. Total Control.

We often reconsider the fundamental principles. For example, could there be a better way to build a phono connector? From this idea we start to design, prepare a prototype, test and manufacture the finished product accordingly (this is the approach we always use for all signal cables in our Reference Series).

Such a level of control, over the whole process from the CAD drawing of the idea to the listening room for testing, ensures these results:

  • we can achieve extremely high and consistent levels of performance across our entire product range;
  • we can use very advanced technologies at remarkably low costs
  • we can create products with a clear 'synergy' with the other products in our catalogue

A typical example of this approach was mentioned in the HiFi News review for our Mavros cables, noting that (when combining the signal and speaker cables)

Using both cables, the system has taken on a completely new dimension...

Everything we do is therefore based on our thorough research and clear test results.
This ensures that all our products are absolutely consistent in production and also ensures that there is an increase in performance by moving, within our catalog of hi fi cables, to the top level range.

In other words, we are well aware not only of what we do, but also of why we do it.