Hi-Fi Guides and Tutorials

We have written some useful Guides that explain, in an easy and understandable way, the world of Hi Fi systems.

If you don't know how to choose a tube amplifier, if you are looking for advice on which Dac Audio to buy, if you don't know what characteristics a preamplifier should have, or if you have never heard of Digital Music and Music Servers, then you are in the right place!

We will talk about High Fidelity at 360 degrees, passing from the guide to the choice of the turntable, to the characteristics that audio cables must have, what are encoding systems such as DSD and the most popular audio file formats, up to liquid HD music in high resolution: the last frontier of modern HiFi.

High fidelity - How to choose the best Hi-Fi system

The word High Fidelity or Hi-Fi (short for High Fidelity) is a reference to the quality of audio playback compared to a live performance.

Audio DACs : Buying Guide

Audio DACs are one of the most popular products among audiophiles! Find out how to completely transform the sound of your digital source.

Which Music Server for Digital Music?

Audio servers (also called music servers) are designed to store libraries of music files within the home network.

Amplifiers, is it better to buy a tube or transistor amplifier?

In this Guide we explain why the tube amp is so popular again and the reasons for its lasting success over the years.

Choosing the best DSD Player

In this guide you will find the best tips for a careful purchase of a Hi-Fi DSD Player.

Vinyl Cleaning Brush (PlayStereo)

The PlayStereo anti-static brush, with two layers of carbon fibre, is an excellent dustproof brush for dry use before and after every listening on your vinyl records.

What Hi-Fi? Award Winners on Polaris Audio

Products that win the prestigious What Hi-Fi Awards on Polaris Audio

Tube or solid state amplifier?

A short guide that explains the differences between these two types of audio amplifiers: better a tube or a solid state?

Why buy a CD Player today?

With the arrival of Digital Music, does it still make sense to buy a Compact Disc Audio CD Player today?

Phono preamplifier: all you need to know to choose the best one

Want to connect a turntable to your amplifier but don't have a phono input? You need a prephono! Find out how it works.