Antistatic brush PlayStereo

The PlayStereo anti-static brush, with two layers of carbon fibre, is an excellent dustproof brush for dry use before and after every listening on your vinyl records.

The PlayStereo anti-static brush is the second best way to clean a record: record washing machines or the use of special brushes for washing are the most effective method. But even a washed disc needs to be cleaned of dust and debris after washing and before and after each listen.

The dust is abrasive and, given the pressure exerted on the surface of the disc by the head, which causes friction and heat, can permanently damage the groove.

The PlayStereo brush has over one million conductive carbon fibres. They are so microscopic that they fit into the grooves and their electrical conductivity allows the electrostatic charge in the disc to be drained. There is no grounding because there is no need: the electrostatic charge, being high voltage and low amperage, is easily dissipated on contact with the body of its user. The PlayStereo antistatic brush does not damage your vinyl records at all.

The PlayStereo antistatic brush is of the same quality as "The Disc Doctor's" recommended for dry cleaning vinyl records.