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  • Cocktail AUDIO X45Pro

    Feel great and dynamic sound created by a combination of SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC and OPA627BP Precision High-Speed OP Amp

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  • ROSE RS201E

    ROSE RS201E Media Center & Music Server, Player Audio/Video, FEMTO Clock, DAC SABRE ES9018K2M 32Bit/384Khz, DSD256, Integrated Amplifier 2x50W (can be deactivated), Video Processor 4K UHD, HDMI, 8.8" Color Multi Touch Screen, CD-Ripping ready, SSD up to 4TB, USB3.0.

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X14

    The X14 is the most convenient and compact HD HiFi All-In One system with a high quality DAC chip and D-class power amplifier built-in.

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X50Pro

    Cocktail ADIO X50Pro is the Reference Music Server and Pure Digital Transport with CD-Ripping, native DSD and MQA support, 7" LCD screen, USB Audio Class 2.0, Triple I2S.

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X35

    Cocktail Audio X35 the All-In-One Music Server with CD-Ripping and native DSD support, with 100 Watt Class D dual mono amplifier, 7" LCD screen, USB Audio Class 2.0

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  • Cocktail AUDIO X45

    The X45 is a World-Class High-resolution Audio Player and DAC, which is featured by Dual Sabre³² Reference DAC chips built-in,CD Ripper, Music Server, Network Streamer, Music Recorder, and much more

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Music Servers

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