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Opera Consonance Reference DSD1.1


Consonance Reference DSD1.1, adapter DAC-valvular af with native support for PCM up to 32Bit/768KHz and DSD 512. Chip, Asahi Kasei Multimedia AKM-4490 TRUTH with architecture, Velvet Sound.

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When the Opera Audio has designed the Reference DSD 1.1, the aim was to create a converter high-end, high-quality, can read all the formats needed and equipped with an output stage tube.

The result was the birth of a digital to analog converter unprecedented.

The Consonance DSD 1.1 Audio Work law music files up to 32 bit/ 68kHz and, via the USB port asynchronous, can accept, in addition to the audio formats to PCM format, the DSD native up to DSD512.

The USB input has been designed with extreme attention, separating the masses in such a way that no residual noise or hum can be transmitted from the computer to the input of the DAC.

The conversion chip AK4490 DSD is among the best that can currently implement.

For an easy-to-use, includes both the drivers for iOS devices and its drivers for Android devices.

The output stage valve provides a sound wonderfully warm and high resolution.

The output can be adjusted in such a way that the DSD 1.1 can be used as a preamp.

Supplied with a headphone amplifier built in, able to accept headphones with an impedance of between 10-600 ohms.

The designer Mr. Liu has also provided further refinements, designed for the most discerning audiophiles: the digital filter can be set in 5 different ways.

Option Multipile PCM digital filter

Filter mode for Digital PCM:

1. Short delay Sharp
2. Short delay Slow
3. Sharp Roll-off
4. Slow roll-off
5. Super Slow roll-off

Through the setting of "dithering", a technique already used during the studio recordings, the sound characteristics can be adjusted in the very end.

The timbre, so it is adjustable according to your own tastes: from fast and analytical, a warm sound and persuasive.

In addition, the phase can be rotated 180 degrees, an option that makes sense if the connected components form such a phase rotation, or in the case where you are using the recordings made in counter-phase.

During playback of the DSD file you can also set an option to Filter CUT OFF FILTER) selectable between 50 khz or 150KHz.

The Reference DSD 1.1 combines the latest technologies with a classic output stage valves.

Assembled with a build quality out of the time, with the typical design of the line Reference Audio, this DAC is a component for true connoisseurs.

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