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Rose HiFi Media Center & Network Players Audio/Video


HiFi Rose is a HiFi Media Player brand that resembles a rose.
ROSE' representative identity 'audio with screen'
Users can operate the screen intuitively and conveniently,
You can experience the deep impression of high-definition sound with video.

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  • ROSE RS201
    ROSE RS201

    ROSE RS201 Media Center & Music Server, Audio/Video Player, DAC SABRE ES9018K2M 32Bit/384Khz, DSD256, Amplifier 2x50W (defeatable), Video Processor, 4K UHD, HDMI, Multi Touch Screen colour 8.8", Prepared CD-Ripping, SSD up to 4TB, USB3.0.

    1 390,00 €
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  • ROSE RS301
    ROSE RS301

    ROSE RS301 All-In-One HiFi Media Player, Audio/Video player with DAC SABRE ES9018K2M, 32Bit/384Khz and DSD256, Multi Touch Screen from 5", Amplifier 2x50W with active speakers, the system owner reflexDual Passive Radiator Duct.

    649,00 €
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  • ROSE RS350
    ROSE RS350

    Rose RS350 is the Media Player Audio and Video capable of playing high-resolution music files up to 24Bit/192Khz. Multi Touch screen 5", amplifier 2x20W, active speakers with a proprietary system reflex Dual Passive Radiator Duct.

    349,00 €
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