Xindak FA-5 Segnale RCA Expand

Xindak FA-5 Segnale RCA


The Xindak FA-5 has a patented structure, called the ”Frequency-Amplitude Balanced Audio Cable with conductor made of copper foil. Connectors non-magnetic CMC screw.

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The Xindak FA-5 signal cable with patented structure, called the ”Frequency-Amplitude Balanced Audio Cable. This construction adopts a protective base of pure copper OFC (oxide-free) that is skillfully arranged on a copper foil; enamelled wires and carefully twisted together, are placed outside of the sheath inside of which run other conductors in the solid copper. In this way, the “distortion amplitude” (harmonic or intermodulation), which is frequent during the transmission of an audio signal, is substantially reduced, while optimized for the frequency range so as to maintain a high fidelity of the original signal.

This cable is a signal that, when listening, turns out to be really convincing and that is capable of making the difference compared to the competition. FA-5 has endings CMC, high quality, RCA connectors, gold plated and the tightening of the screw.

The performance of music is characterised by an excellent analytical ability and a great harmony; in particular, we appreciate the excellent extension and modulation, to convey, to every kind of music you are listening, an impression of extreme and pleasant musicality.

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Xindak is a world-renowned Chinese company specialising in the manufacture of hi-fi products since 1988, when it started its own business.

Thanks to an excellent staff of designers and above all to the use of first choice and avant-garde materials and components (most of which imported directly from the USA, Germany and Switzerland) Xindak has managed to establish itself over the years as a manufacturer of hi-fi equipment and accessories appreciated by consumers all over the world and, finally, it also presents itself in Italy.

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Xindak products

Thanks to the extraordinary construction quality and the incredible quality/price ratio, in recent years many Xindak products have won prestigious awards and have won important international awards.

Among the most famous and appreciated Xindak models are the xa6200 hybrid amplifier, the xa8800mnu monoblocks and the pa1 power amplifier, the xf1000es network conditioners and the xa3200mkii preamplifier, the xindak v30 tube amplifier.

But this is only a small part of many other successful models.

In this section you will find the updated xindak price list with the prices of all products.

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Polaris Audio Srl is the only official and exclusive authorized distributor of Xindak products in Italy.

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