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Xindak XF-1000ES Condizionatore di Rete



Xindak XF-1000ES line Conditioner with 8 Schuko sockets. Voltmeter front, dedicated sections for the type of equipment. Control of the phase.

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Improved version of the Xindak XF-1000E, the line conditioner XF-1000ES is equipped with a convenient voltmeter blue backlit that allows you to know immediately if the current supplied by the electrical system is correct for your audio equipment.

This unit uses a filtering system of the electrical network of the type multi-level and bi-directional due to the use of capacitors and inductors of high quality, in order to avoid the negative effects caused by the electrical equipment and in order to reduce the pollution that is present in the electrical wiring in your home. The function of the search phase and adjustment of the same enables the user to correct in real time the phase of the connected devices, by moving a switch.

This conditioner network has taken separate for each specficia type of device hi-fi plug in: preamplifiers, power amps/integrated sources digital and analog. Thanks to this foresight, every device connected to the Xindak XF-1000ES will operate with filtering to specific and targeted and there will not be any crushing of the dynamic or impairment of the sound, which happens with air conditioners of conventional network that does not take these precautions techniques. The line conditioner Xindak XF-1000ES is available with 8 sockets Schucko.

Technical Specifications:
  • Max Spike Volt: 3000V

  • Max Clamping Volts (8X20s): 470V

  • Max Surge Current (8X20s): 1000A

  • Noise Filter: -10dB~-55dB(2-100 MHz)

  • Rating: AC250V 10A Max.

  • Output Sockets for Digital Accessories: 3A (4 ways)

  • Output Sockets for Preamplifier/Accessories: 5A (2 ways)

  • Output Sockets for Power Amplifier: 5.5 A (2 ways)

  • Dimensions: 15,3 x 11 x 25 cm

  • Weight 5.5 Kg

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