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Atlas EOS 4.0dd Cavo Alimentazione


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It has long been known that the quality of mains power can have a dramatic effect on the high fidelity performance of audio systems. The delivery of quality power as well as the containment and robustness of the supply to conductor and air borne interference are now a critical part of most if not all product design strategies.

Power management and distribution devices are growing more in popularity, principally as a result of the increasingly negative impact of Rf pollution that floods our homes and daily life. With increasing use of high resolution audio and video content our replay equipment has come under assault by extraneous high energy broad spectrum noise, both airbourne and directly induced through the mains supply circuits. Wireless networks, bluetooth, spread spectrum wireless transmission, power line, dect phones not to mention home appliance generated noise all contribute to the rise of protection devices.

Atlas set out to build and improve on the previous performance standard set by the Eos 4sqmm to deliver a low resistance, large current handling power cable with an impeccable Rf performance pedigree

The very best power cables are built around low series resistance, high efficiency dielectrics and high tech screening, the Eos 4dd excels in all these areas. Utilising Atlas high purity low resistance oxygen free copper (OFC) and high efficiency, high speed PTFE (Teflon) dielectrics, the cherry on the cake is the adoption of Asimi and Mavros dual drain technology as the mechanism of coupling to the primary screening.

The Eos 4dd screen acts as a filter against harmful incoming Rf a.c. power contamination, it dumps these airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth via the Atlas dual drain system employed in the latest generation Atlas cables.

Available in the following terminations:

Eos 4dd OFC with rhodium 13A plug to rhodium 10A IEC plug
Eos 4dd OFC with rhodium Schuko plug to rhodium 10A IEC plug
Eos 4dd OFC with rhodium Nema 110v plug to rhodium 10A IEC plug

The Atlas plugs and iec sockets provided with the Eos power cords are specifically designed to accept larger conductors. The pins in both the plugs and the sockets are rhodium plated for good conductivity; there are no soldered connections in these plugs.

Product Specifications:

Construction :19/21/0.115
Conductor Material :OFC
Screen :Yes
Dielectric :PTFE (Teflon)
Outer Diameter :11.2mm
available lengths
Lengths : 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m
Custom Lengths also Available.
50m Reel
technical data
Capacitance (pF/m) :95.09
Resistance (Ohms/m) :
Inductance (µH/m) :0.566
Current Capacity :20A
Velocity of propagation :—

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