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Opera Consonance Cyber880A 2A3


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The Cyber880A uses eight 2A3 triode power output tubes and a low-mu octal driver, this amplifier has a amazing amount of musical clarity while at the same time possessing enough power to drive most speakers.

You no longer need to worry if your already existing speakers can be driven by a tube amplifier, this eight tubed 2A3 amp can handle anything. This amp has very good output due to the 8 triode powered 2A3 tubes.

In addition to this power it has finesse, impact, control, and a low electrical noise floor.

This remarkable overall character makes it suitable for almost any music fan. It contains a solid 30 watts per channel (with low impedance) but with the charm of tubes. The aluminum front panel and top cover are finished in hand rubbed silver metalic lacquer, with a bias meter and tube adjustors that make it easy to maintain and adjust. Output matching taps are provided for 4, and 8 ohm speakers.

Technical Specification

  • POWER OUTPUT:30 watt x 2, RMS 1kHz
  • TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION: less than 1%( 20watt, 1kHz )
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ( -3dB points at 50 watt ) 5Hz-85kHz
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 100k ohms
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 4, 8 ohms. ( User selectable )
  • CONSUMPTION: 300watt x 2
  • INPUT INTERFACES: 1 group ( RCA )
  • VACUUM TUBE: 2A3 x 8, 12BH7x 2, ECC82 x3
  • DIMENSIONS: 450 (L) x430 (W) x190(H)mm
  • WEIGHT: 35kg

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