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The Xindak FS-Gold is manufactured by using as the conductive material, a special alloy of gold and silver, produced with casting processes in vacuum and at the forefront by adopting the structure Flat-Foil sandwich, patented by Xindak; how insulation is used, it is Teflon or polypropylene for excellent electrical quality. The whole is covered with a layer of flexible PVC, and finally covered with a protective nylon braided, abrasion-resistant; the ends of the cable are 4 metal cylinders, which act as a screen against external interference.

The contacts are manufactured with terminals for banana or forked in OFC copper gold-plated products from the German WBT. The metal with the best electrical characteristics is silver, followed by gold and copper. The problem in the manufacture of silver is that, in the cooling process subsequent to the merger, this metal aggregates in microparticles spherical between which is trapped air.

The path of the current, encountering the empty spaces, generates thermal noise by preventing the linear transmission of the signal; to eliminate these discontinuities Xindak has adopted an advanced method, but also expensive: filling with gold; in practice, it is made of an alloy (5% gold with a purity of 24k and 95% silver, 4N), whose electrical characteristics are excellent that result in an increase in dynamics and detail of the music program.

The structure of Flat-Foil sandwich also provides for mitigation of skin effect and a decrease of the characteristic impedance of the cable; at the same time, thanks to the very low inductance of this structure, the phase delay is almost zero. The excellent conductive properties of gold and silver, combine to create a product of superb quality.

Accurate listening tests have shown that the main quality of this cable is in the expressive power for natural, lifelike and noble that gives the sound. Makes the music vigorous, vivid and highlights even the smallest details of sound.

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Xindak FS-GOLD Cavi di Potenza (2490 EUR)

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