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Power Conditioner, 6 Connections, Voltmeter + Phase Control (Schuko Sockets) with Hi-Fi Component Layout.

Compared to a classic "passive" power filter, the Xindak XF-2000E-1200 adopts, internally, a powerful toroidal isolation transformer (active filtering) with completely separated primary and secondary windings, for an effective decoupling from the domestic mains.

This power conditioner has separate sockets for each specific type of hi-fi equipment to be connected: preamplifiers, power amps/integrated amplifiers, digital and analogue sources. Thanks to this, each device connected to the Xindak XF-2000E-1200 will operate with a specific and targeted filtering and there will be no crushing of dynamics or negative sound alteration, which happens with traditional power conditioners that do not take these technical precautions.


  • Isolation toroidal transformer 1200W output power with 20A maximum load (4600 Watt)
  • Linear and elegant appearance, phase control and phase adjustment.
  • The Xindak XF2000E-1200 is the high-end power conditioner of the new Xindak XF Black series.
  • The high power isolated transformer mounted inside the XF-2000E-1200 can clean the electric current from noise and allows for more faithful, radio frequency and electrical noise free music reproduction.
  • The Schuko plug assemblies are independent and isolated from each other.
  • A convenient phase control allows you to properly adjust the phasing of your Hi-Fi components.

Technical Specifications

  • 1200 Watt Toroidal Isolation Transformer, with separate primary and secondary windings
  • Capacity 20A (4600 Watts)
  • 6 Shucko inputs (European or German style)
  • Integrated phase control that allows the simplified phasing of all components of the Hi-Fi system
  • Backlit Voltmeter
  • Dimensions: 43cm x 11.5cm x 35.2cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight 25Kg
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Xindak XF-2000E-1200 (1149 EUR)

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