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With the ProPower™ PP2000-hv, for the first time, your Audio system or Audio/Video will be decoupled by the very electrical wiring in your home, regardless of the conditions line, you will always receive a supply of power from the perfect, stabilized, and free from noises and distortions, 24 hours a day.

The ProPower PP2000-HV is the best power source possible, to amplifiers and audio components high end.

Completely eliminates all the problems related to over voltages, fluctuations, instability of supply current, abnormalities of the wave form and frequency, generating a new sine wave perfect, ideal for the food correctly and at maximum efficiency, all your delicate parts high end.

Technical Characteristics

  1. A robust power inverter "full bridge" generates a new alternating current (AC) waveform pure sine. All controlled through the accuracy of the microprocessor of the digital signal by Renesas

  2. Patented technology proprietary purification and conditioning of the current

  3. Noise filtering (EMI and RFI) and very low levels of distortion

  4. Protection from Sovravoltaggi, Overload and Frequency

  5. Advanced frequency stabiliser for the protection of components at the high-end more sensitive

  6. Energy efficiency very high (~92%); eco-product, green power

  7. Cooling and totally silent

  8. Wide range of input voltage than any other product competitor

  9. Six (6) Mains sockets

  10. The sockets are fed in sequence to the ignition

  11. The sockets are turned off in the reverse order of the shutdown

  12. Two (2) Schuko sockets for high-current amplifiers (regeneration tunable on/off)

  13. Output voltage is adjustable by the user via the display (220V/230V/240V)

  14. Control panel with multifunction LCD display

  15. Mechanical design modern and state of the art

How it works

ProPower™ PP2000hv is a very sophisticated replenisher and the stabilizer can regenerate independently of the electric current, filtering, purifying and regenerating any wave with a perfect sine wave.

Finally, the ProPower™ is available in a version suitable to the Italian market, with a voltage of 230 Volts. The ProPower™ APS is able to automatically select its operating frequency to 50 Hz, with an accuracy of 0.1 Hz.

We at ProPower we firmly believe that the music playback should not be ruined by the poor quality of the electrical current, that the vision of a film should not be disturbed by the flickering and instability of the image.

We believe that the problems of the current, as for example the fluctuations are determined by a sudden increase in intensity, voltage surges, transients, harmonic distortions should never be damaged or destroyed in a catastrophic and irreparable damage to the expensive components of your Hi-Fi or Home Theatre or do so slowly deteriorate due to overheating periodical of the internal components.

Yet, unfortunately, all of this can happen very easily if you do not adopt a device that can protect your precious audio components-video from these events that can be the order of the day.

If you have spent time, money and effort to assemble and construct a set of components that finally will offer a high level of audio-video performance, make sure that they can draw from a source of supply clean, pure and efficient, so that they can always express themselves to the maximum of their performance.

Pure power Input > Pure Sound Output

The ProPower™ always provides a current of a truly regenerated even in the case that your electrical system has problems.

This extraordinary result is obtained through a sophisticated technology of double conversion. The alternating current input (AC) is converted from the ProPower™ in direct current (DC) which is totally clean and purified: at this point, is re-created and regenerated a new and stable alternating current at 50 Hz (accuracy of 0.1 Hz) with a waveform is perfectly sinusoidal.

No overvoltage, undervoltage, fluctuation, power surge, or other disturbances of the power line will pass by the entrance of the ProPower™ to its outputs.

Voltage Accurate to prevent reductions of the current

A number of products designed to clean and filter the power to reduce the current allocated to the amplifications: nothing worse...The dynamics flattens and the listening experience is compromised irreparably.

The ProPower™, however, is able to maintain its voltage with an efficiency of 92%, with a factor of output power and greater than .95.

Thanks to the advanced technological solutions, all of our models of the series ProPower PP are able to deliver their full wattage rating plate, even during fluctuations and sags of the current short-or long-term.

In fact, our Replenisher AC are able to provide and continuously provide full power even during long periods of low voltage in your electrical system.

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