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The Xindak XA6950-II is a hybrid amplifier-integrated dual mono symmetric, which combines the prerogatives of the best of tube amps and solid state.

The power supply section is composed of two toroidal transformers independent, which feed separately the left and right channel from the preamp.

In particular, the preamp is valve type, and is based on a circuit that includes two valves 6922 in symmetric, one for each channel.

The final section is also symmetrical and is arranged on two banks separate on which are housed the final transistors Sanken.

The passive cooling is given to cooling fins in the aluminium of generous size, which are involved in the optimum disposal of the heat in excess.

Like all the amplifiers Xindak, even in the case of this hybrid amplifier, we are faced with a machine that is strongly polarized in Class A.

Specifically, the maximum power of this amp is 140 Watts per channel, 40 Watts operate in Pure Class A.

Complete the configuration of the series 5 inputs the audio signal and precisely:

  • 3 Pairs of RCA
  • 1 Pair XLR
  • 1 USB Input



  • Hybrid amplifier (with valves 6922 in the pre-amplification stage)
  • Audio DAC integrated USB based on PCM2702
  • Two toroidal transformers in the power supply section
  • Remote control
S/N Ratio≥95dB
Input Impedance47K
Sensitivity Inputs300mV
Frequency response10Hz-100KHz(±1db)
Inputs3RCA, 1 XLR, 1 USB
Power40W+40W (Class A) - 140W+140W (Class AB)
Net weight28Kg
Dimensions (Wxhxd)430mm x 460mm x 170mm

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Amplificatore di alto livello
Ottimo amplificatore, molto ben costruito e con suono di alto livello. Prodotto consigliato!!
This review has been posted for Xindak XA6950(II)
Prodotto veramente valido con u uscita audio potente ma cristallina allo stesso tempo. Lo consiglio a tutti gli appassionati e...
This review has been posted for Xindak XA6950(II)
Xindak XA6950(II) (1599 EUR) 5.0/52 ratings - 2 advices

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