XLR Signal Cables

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XLR Signal Cables
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  • Atlas Ascent Symmetrical XLR

    Atlas Cables Ascent Symmetrical balanced XLR interconnect cables balanced XLR, crimped.

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  • Atlas Element XLR

    Atlas Cables Element balanced XLR. Signal cable balanced gold plated connectors 24K crimped.

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  • Atlas Hyper XLR

    Atlas Cables Hyper XLR-type signal cable balanced XLR crimped and symmetrical.

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  • Atlas Mavros XLR

    Atlas Cables Mavros XLR signal cables XLR balanced, teflon microporous, crimped.

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  • Xindak BC-01

    The Xindak BC-01 is an XLR cable of high quality, provides excellent performance. The sense of realism that offers you is very evident, the hue is bright and filled with ambient tones and amber.

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  • Xindak FA-GOLD B

    Xindak FA-GOLD-B top of the range XLR structure flat-foil in a mix of copper, silver and zinc, using connectors non-magnetic Furutech with the tightening screw.

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XLR Signal Cables

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