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Atlas Element Integra RCA


Atlas Element Integra ABS anti - Cable RCA Signal Conductor made of pure Copper (OFC), Connectors, non-magnetic with asymmetrical profile and crimped by hand.

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The Atlas Element asymmetrical cable is a signal that shares many of the typical elements of the family of cables Atlas. It employs a braided copper and aluminum foil which provide a shielding of 100% by the phenomena of interference in the radio frequency (RFI), and uses a copper conductor high quality OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), with a dielectric porous low-dispersion in the polyethylene (PEF).

The Element was researched and developed by Atlas in order to obtain a cable of much higher quality than the average of the signal cables of the type entry-level.

The characteristics of focus and precision and three-dimensionality typical of the Atlas are immediately perceivable.

Faithful to our program of research and development, the Element was equipped with our brand new RCA connector non-magnetic, called "Integra". The connector "Integrates" the benefits of an interface that is free of welding, with the graft in the cold between the conductors and braided coaxial pure copper OFC and the plug, both the signal outward and for the return. Without the use of welds, we have removed another barrier to the free passage of the audio signal.

The connector of the Integra is composed of two brackets, opposed twin that hold the cable without compressing it. In fact, compressing a coaxial cable, the impedance would be modified by the value of 75 Ohms, causing cancellation of the signal. In a digital interface, the impedance could even go down to about 40 Ohms, with the resulting reflections and jitter is not excessive. The connector Integrates, instead, allows to pass more information.

The connector Integrates, using two brackets opposed to each other, can repel completely the interference in radio frequency (RFI) from the point of connection of the RCA jack, to the point where it interfaces with the conductor, so as to reduce the cancellations or interference.

The terminal portion of the connector Integrates is composed of four foils with asymmetric spring-pressed at the time of insertion, cleaning the contact of the RCA connector each time it is inserted. It is easy to maintain a clean signal path, by simply entering several times the connector Atlas Integrates!

The connector of the Integra plug uses a ABS cover amagnetica that reduces the saturation on the return signal. The plastic sheathing of the Complements constitute a barrier to the direct, which protects the free passage of the return signal, which will suffer less interference.

The coaxial cable Element using shielding mesh in order to reject the interference from radio frequency.

In addition, each signal cable Element with connector Integrates, has a unique matriculation number and five-year warranty.

Each cable Atlas is researched, developed and produced in Scotland and made using only the best materials available on the market.


The signal cable Element with connector Integrates cable is a entry level to the most discerning audiophiles. As all the signal cables of the Atlas, is able to reconstruct a huge stage, along with a supply of music flowing. Avoid a bright sound and is irritating, as often happens, using signal cables in the same price range.

Rather, as happens with all other signal cables Atlas, regardless of price, offers the listener a sound that is sophisticated and relaxing, free of high or low artificial and, more importantly, has a quality / price ratio unprecedented. Just look at its construction, the copper OCC, the quality of the configuration is asymmetrical, the connector brackets opposing Integrates; it simply does not exist anything comparable to the Atlas Element Integra.

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Atlas Cables? Who are we?

We are a Company of Great Britain, independent and successful. We design and build products Atlas because we have spent our lives in Industry Hi-Fi audio and video, and we are still excited about our passion.

Apart from a couple of exceptions, all products in the Atlas are planned, designed and produced in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

Scotland has a long tradition of specialists in the design and construction, that have given life to Companies in the Hi-Fi world-famous: this allows us access to a workforce of excellence, with vast experience in the field.

Performance Recognized at International Level

Recensioni Cavi Audio Atlas Cables

The audio cables , Atlas Cables have received numerous awards and recognitions in more than 30 Nations in which they are distributed. Our products ‘state of the art’, as the award-winning models of cables Mavros and Asimi, are considered to be among the best products on the market, and have received numerous awards in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and the near East.

This is what he published in the English magazine "HiFi Plus" when she awarded "Product of the Year 2009", our cable signal is "Asimi", pure silver:

It's hard not to be seriously impressed with Atlas’ Asimi and Mavros pairing. These are two of the very, very best. Plus it's good to find a truly UK high-end offering. Atlas is definitely on the high-end map!

If you have used in the past, our cables Hi Fi, you already have an idea of what you can expect. However, if you've never tried before, be prepared to be amazed.

Want to know more about audio cables the Atlas? Then read our Guide on audio cables.

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