Solid State Preamplifiers

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Solid State Preamplifiers
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  • Xindak XA8250MKII
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    Xindak XA8250MKII

    Xindak XA8250MKII Preamplier transistor, realized with a structure made entirely dual-mono. The front Display, the remote control. Inputs and outputs RCA and XLR.

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  • Xindak CA-1
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    Xindak CA-1

    Xindak CA-1 Solid State Preamplifier with Dual Mono Construction, 3 RCA Inputs, 1 XLR Input, RCA Outputs, XLR Outputs

    1 190,00 €
  • Kinki Studio EX-P7
Solid State Preamplifiers

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