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The Xindak XA8250MKII is the natural evolution of the well-known model XA8250. It is, in this case, a pre-amp in pure Class A, characterized by a design in dual mono, which is perfectly symmetric.

Is the perfect complement for the final monophonic Xindak XA8800MNu and Xindak XA8800MNE.

The input stage uses transistor Toshiba Hi-Fi A970/C2240 for the circuit symmetrical two-parallel channels. The emitter of each transistor is connected in series with a resistance, and acts as a circuit of negative feedback to reduce the distortion and increase the linear dynamic range.

Also the stage of amplification of current using a circuit of amplification and push-pull complementary transistor A970/C2240. The signal, after being amplified, it is transferred directly to the output stage, maintaining the original purity.

The output stage adopts a schema of output in pure Class-based JFET of N-type and P-type, so as to increase the dynamic range and reduce the output impedance to a low level.

With this arrangement it is ensured the best possible integration between preamp and power amps, for a matching perfect.

The left channel, the right channel and the components of the power circuit are designed so as to be separate and isolated from one another.

The power supply is composed of three distinct and separate independent power supplies: two power supplies, each for a channel, and a separate power supply for the control circuit.

This arrangement eliminates the electromagnetic interference, and optimizes the separation of the channels (and reduces, consequently, the phenomena of crosstalk, or crosstalking).

The filter of the power supply uses electrolytic capacitors with military specifications.

In addition, there are inputs/outputs balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA, with separate channels, with protection functions, and automatic muting.

The XA8250MKII is a pre-amplifier Class-A JFET: the sound is natural, transparent and very analytical.

Extremely well-balanced in the entire frequency range: refined high-frequency, bright in the middle, full on the low frequencies.


  • Dual-Mono circuitry, separate channels;

  • Three separate power supplies: one for the left channel, one for right channel, one for the control section

  • Amplficazione Symmetric Complementary pure Class A;

  • Circuit JFET (Junction Field Effect Transistor);

  • Balanced inputs and output terminals of the balanced XLR with a switching relay;

  • Unbalanced inputs and output terminals, unbalanced RCA with a switching relay;

  • Motherboard with military specifications, 2mm thick;

  • Great analytical capability, sound natural and transparent;

  • Motor-driven Volume potentiometer ALPS Blue analogue (but driven by digital control, see below);

  • Patented technology for precise control of the volume level, through a microprocessor

  • Remote control;

Technical Specifications:

  • Gain: 17dB

  • Output level: 10V RMS

  • THD: 0.03%

  • Frequency response: 10Hz—100KHz (±1dB)

  • SNR: >95dB (A Weight)

  • Input impedance: 15K Ohms

  • Power Consumption: 7 Watts

  • Weight: 10.5 Kg

  • Size: 305mm x 200mm x 435mm

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