Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

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Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
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  • Opera Consonance M100Plus EL34

    Consonance M100 Plus, Valve Amplifier with EL34 in Push-Pull configuration, 2 tubes 12AT7 and 2 tubes 6SN7GT (6N8P), 40 Watt, Remote Controller.

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  • Xindak MS-9

    Xindak MS-9 Valve Amplifier, the valves KT-88 Push-Pull, Remote control. 60 Watts per channel, RCA inputs, and XLR Balanced.

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  • Xindak MT-1

    Xindak MT-1 Tube Amplifier, EL-84 tubes in Push-Pull and preamp section with 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes.

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  • Xindak MT-3

    Xindak MT-3 Tube Amplifier, valve, EL-34 in Push-Pull, 1 valve 12AX7 for the preamp and two valves 6N8P straightening. Mode Triode and ultra-linear.

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  • Xindak V-30

    Xindak V-30 Tube Amplifier, the valves KT-88 Push-Pull, 2 tubes 12AX7(ECC83), 2 tubes 6N8P(6sn7 single triode), Remote control. 50 Watts per channel.

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  • Canor TP106VR+ Ex Demo

    The Canor TP106VR+ is a vacuum tube amplifier with integrated valves 6550 55 Watts per channel, of extreme refinement. A High-End hand made in Slovakia.

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  • Cayin CS-100A KT-88

    Amplifier, tube integrated, 80 Watts per channel (ultra mode-linear), 50 Watts-per-channel mode (triode), external adjustment of the Bias meter integrated, valves: 8x KT-88, 1x 6sn7 single triode, 2x 12BH7EH, 2x 12AU7EH. Remote control

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  • Cayin CS-55A KT-88

    Integrated tube amplifier, 40 Watt channel (ultra-linear), 22 Watt channel (triode), external adjustment of the Bias with integrated meter, tubes: 4x KT-88, 2x 12AU7 / ECC82, 2x 12AX7 / ECC83. Phono MM input. 32bit / 384kHz USB DAC. Remote control

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Vacuum Tube Amplifiers