Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers

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Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers
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  • Opera Consonance R50MKII
    Opera Consonance R50MKII

    Consonance R50MKII, tube Preamp with dual 12AU7 and EZ80 , circuit SRPP without feedback, Gain Setting, Input/RCA Outputs, Remote control.

    2 100,00 €
  • Xindak XA3200MKII
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    Xindak XA3200MKII

    Xindak XA3200MKII Tube Preamp with valves electron-beams 12AT7 and 12AX7, with a remote control. The power supply section with the valve 6Z4P.

    729,00 €
Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers

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