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Designed in a separate single-channel structure, the Xindak XA8800MNE (II) is a Class A dual mono amplifier with a fully balanced output.  The output coupling transformer improves the load, power transmission characteristics of the output, and eliminates the harshness of digital sound, improving the quality of the output and the orientation of the sound field. The resulting effect is absolutely impressive.

The voltage amplification stage uses multi-stage amplification. This not only ensures a sufficient voltage gain, but also increases the input impedance, so as to achieve a good match between the different stages, greatly reducing the effect on the high frequencies by exploiting the junction capacitance of the transistors. In this way, it was possible to increase the overall bandwidth, improve the typical output characteristic curve of the bipolar transistor, reduce the distortion of this stage and achieve high stabilization.

In the current drive stage, the Xindak XA8800MNE(II) uses high power FETs to deliver all the drive current needed for the output stage. Output transistors parallel to the output stage reduce the output impedance, increase the power and improve the load capacity with low resistors.

The static working current of 8 pairs of SANKEN 2SA1295/2SC3264 high power transistors on the output stage as parallel output is about 300mA and each transistor always works in the special linear area where the current is highest. This eliminates crossover and switching distortion efficiently and reduces output impedance.

Equipped with an impedance compensation network built with discrete components (including L, Rs, Rz and C) directly connected to the output terminals, the load of this unit will be very close to that represented by a pure resistance and, therefore, very unlikely to occur self-oscillation phenomena. At the same time, a high damping factor is ensured, which drastically improves the speaker control capability.

The power supply is completely independent. In addition, the power supply for the power amplification, voltage amplification and protection circuit sections are all separate.

The power supply for the power amplification section is equipped with a 50A rectifier bridge, has a filtering capacity of 60,000uF and supplies current immediately after switching and filtering; the power supply for the voltage amplification adopts a stabilized power supply of high speed, low noise, and low impedance and is characterized by a great ability to avoid oscillation phenomena, thus avoiding the modulating disturbance caused by the fluctuation of the power on the next stage, ensuring a purer sound.

Timbre characteristics of the XA8800MNE(II) Xindak
Since the XA8800MNE (II) is a Class A amplifier with a fully balanced output, the sound of this unit is very rich, soft, sweet and warm with high transparency and high speed. The extension to the high frequencies is very clear and refined, the pleasure and the analyticality of the music are really excellent in the mid and low frequencies, the versatility and the sense of the musical body are very clear and distinct.  The music reproduced is extremely dynamic and involving, making listening to any kind of music an absolutely satisfying experience.


NOTE: Price per single monophonic amplifier.

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Xindak XA8800MNE(II) Finale Mono (2000 EUR)

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