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Since the CEC, in 1991, introduced the first mechanical CD transport belt in the world, a lot of audiophiles have been able to enjoy his incredible musicality, which the CEC has continued incessantly to optimize.

A heavy clamp allows you to get a rotation the more stable the disc , and the belt drive eliminates the effects of vibration and electromagnetic noise caused by the rotation of the motor.

For the first time in the history of the CD player, belt has been added to the digital outputs and also a socket for headphones: the first maximizes the most advanced DAC developed by ESS, while the connection for the headset lets you listen to direct without the need for a proper dedicated amplifier or to a speaker system acoustic.

With theUSB input when connected to a computer or a music server, the CEC CD5 can play high-resolution music files up to 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD128/5.6 MHz.

In this case, the CEC CD-5 work as a music playback device in high resolution in addition to the function of the D/A converter independent to the music read from a CD.

Mechanical CD transport belt

In order to be able to read the digital signal recorded on the Compact Disc Audio at a constant linear velocity CLV (Constant Linear Velocity), the rotational speed of the disc should be gradually reduced, as the optical reading moves to the outside of the disc itself.

Usually, a motor spindle controls the variation of the speed. All the CD players and the mechanics of traditional transportation, place the motor spindle below the rotation plate of the CD and the motor shaft works as the centre of the whole system of the rotation of the disk, in a configuration called direct drive.

A rotation is stable and accurate, requires a greater torque of the engine, a circumstance that inevitably creates a certain vibration in addition to generating electromagnetic noise.

In the CEC CD5 with belt drive, the motor spindle is positioned instead independently and away from the central shaft and the vibrations transmitted to the disk, as well as the consequences of the electromagnetic noise, are thus reduced to a minimum.

A heavy stabilizer CD (clamp), provides an inertia to the greater of the flat and keeps a rotation of the disc stable and smooth.

A motor torque less, combined with a greater distance of the motor from the center of the tree (of the turntable) create the ideal foundation of music CD playback.

Thanks to the positioning of the motor shaft in the center of the mechanical load from the top, including the replacement of the transmission belt, the rubber can be carried out with extreme ease on the CD5 (without the need of a technical intervention, but full autonomy).

DAC ESS Sabre 9018K2M

The signal conversion from digital to analog is handled by the chip DAC ESS Hyper stream ES9018K2M, compatible with audio streams up to 32-bit/384kHz. In addition, the output signals from the chip ES9018K2M go through a circuit entirely balanced to obtain the dynamic and fluidity in music reproduction.

The CEC CD 5 offers two different digital filter: “FLAT”, a standard filter with an extremely linear frequency response up to 20kHz, and “PULSE”, a filter with impulse optimized and free of oscillations, characterized by a roll-off longer delicate under 20kHz.

You can easily select through the remote control the filter you want to apply.

Digital Inputs

  • SPDIF: compatible up to 24bit/192kHz through the terminations, COAXIAL and TOSLINK.
  • USB: for connection to a computer or a music server is compatible with digital signals, PCM up to 32bit/384kHz and allows playback of DoP DSD128/5.6 MHz.

Analog Outputs

Both connections are available. Outputs are traditional RCA, and outputs XLR for the balanced connection.

Digital Outputs

There are two digital outputs: COAXIAL and TOSLINK.

Large Display

A large monitor, VFD displays the status of the inputs, the condition of the digital filter and the sampling frequency of the input. A FL display independent displays the condition of the performance of the CD.
The display is adjustable to three brightness levels different.


  • Transmission system: Belt / Spindle
  • Playable discs: All Compact Discs & Audio CD-R/RW discs
  • Power supply: AC 120V/230V/ 50-60Hz
  • Stabilizer CD: Clamp Diameter 70mm, Weight 330g (brass)
  • Digital Inputs:
    COAXIAL x 1: SPDIF 24bit/32 to 192kHz
    TOSLINK x 1: SPDIF 24bit/32 to 192kHz
    USB2.0 x 1: PCM 32bit/32 up to 384kHz, DSD 2.8224 MHz and 5.6448 MHz
  • Digital Outputs:
    COAXIAL x 1: 0.5 Vp-p/75 Ohm
    TOSLINK x 1: -21 to-15dBm EIAJ
  • Analog Outputs:
    Balanced XLR (pin2=hot) x 1 / 4Vrm
    Unbalanced RCA x 1 / 2Vrms
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm x1 - front
  • DAC ESS ES9018K2M x 1
  • Digital filter: FLAT / PULSE (selectable)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±0.1 dB (CD playback)
  • Ratio SNR: 105dB, 1kHz/0dB
  • Cross talk: 105dB, 1kHz/0dB
  • THD: 0.016%, 1kHz/0dB
  • Power consumption: 17W
  • Size: 435(L) x 335(d) x 109(h)mm
  • Weight: 10 kg approx.
  • Finishes: Silver or Black

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