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  • iEAST SoundStream Pro M30
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    iEAST SoundStream Pro M30

    iEAST SoundStream Pro M30 is a network player with Wireless Multi-Room functionality, equipped with Sabre ESS Audio DAC converter. It plays audio streams up to 24Bit/192KHz in high resolution. Line Input. USB input. Native iEAST Audio application for Android and Apple iOS.

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  • iEAST AudioCast M5
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    iEAST AudioCast M5

    First time, employees M5 is an audio adapter wireless Wireless WiFi which allows connection to any audio system that already exists by using the dedicated app iEastAudio (for Androied and iOS). Compatible with online music services such as Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Pandora, VTuner

    49,00 €
  • CocktailAUDIO N15
    CocktailAUDIO N15

    CocktailAUDIO N15 is a network audio player with a converter DAC ESS Sabre 9018 with maximum resolution of 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD64 / DSD128 / DSD256.

    649,00 €
  • Aune S5
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    Aune S5

    A powerful digital player with a modern finish and excellent design. Controllable by DLNA (remote control via an Android device) and remote I / R (supplied). It connects to a DAC with a wide range of outputs: Coaxial, Optical, AES and even IIS. The S5 can play files on an external hard drive, USB, microSD card and even has its own mSATA slot for keeping...

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  • Aune S5A
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    Aune S5A

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    The Mytek BROOKLYN BRIDGE is a STREAMER, a DAC and a PREAMP. It can be controlled from the iPad, allows High Resolution audio streaming and can act as an end-point for Roon.

    2 995,00 €
  • ROSE RS301
    ROSE RS301

    ROSE RS301 All-In-One HiFi Media Player, Audio/Video player with DAC SABRE ES9018K2M, 32Bit/384Khz and DSD256, Multi Touch Screen from 5", Amplifier 2x50W with active speakers, the system owner reflexDual Passive Radiator Duct.

    799,00 €
  • ROSE RS350
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    ROSE RS350

    Rose RS350 is the Media Player Audio and Video capable of playing high-resolution music files up to 24Bit/192Khz. Multi Touch screen 5", amplifier 2x20W, active speakers with a proprietary system reflex Dual Passive Radiator Duct.

    349,00 €
  • Cayin IDAP-6
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    Cayin IDAP-6

    699,00 €
  • Cocktail AUDIO N25AMP
Network Players