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The Yulong D200 is a DAC 32bit/384KHZ support to the DSD by the ratio quality/performance is extraordinary. Developed on the basis of the widely-acclaimed convertor Sabre DA8, it maintains the most important skills. Ergonomics simple, combined with a careful building and compact, but not the renunciation of a set complete of connection interfaces:

- TOSLINK Optical
- SPDIF Coaxial RCA 75-Ohm
- AES/EBU XLR 110 Ohm
- XLR balanced outputs and unbalanced RCA
- Output headphone 6.35 mm

Our converter Yulong D200 is credited to the account of the measures from the first class, and performance that are the result of careful analysis and in-depth studies by our Team of development and research, established in addition to the technical and sound engineers, fans, audiophiles and experts of the music industry, able to develop the proper tonal qualities. The result is a perfect balance between dynamics, resolution, and completeness of the sound, which is optimized for all musical genres.

The D200 uses a heart-based on-chip Sabre ESS9016, accompanied by components OP275 as LPF, and the two OPA1632 that act as a buffer and a preamp.

The headphone output is built on a project at high current in pure Class A, based on the transistor MJD243/253 equipped with a protection system anti short-circuit on the output.

The power supply section is entrusted to a toroidal transformer the Canadian, Piltron, and 10 voltage regulators are independent.

All components are carefully selected after extensive listening tests.

It also adopted a proprietary system of buffering and digital shaping, in order to improve the quality of the digital signal.

We have completed the project by entering an oscillator with low phase noise combined with a DPLL to automatic selection of the frequency, to make the clock extremely stable and constant.

There is also a filter for the Jitter, which can be turned on (for the digital signals of poor quality), or off (the digital signals high-quality) to get a matching best with the other components of your HiFi system.

The LCD display, combined with the LED indicators, makes the operations simple and intuitive.

The LCD screen automatically decreases the intensity to 80% after about 5 seconds of waiting. The settings selected by the user are automatically saved.

You can select 4 different operating modes for filters and 2 different modes of suppression of the Jitter. In this way, you are totally free to choose the tone that best suits you!

We have added a volume control to 80 step, which allows the use very easy for users to monitor the study. You can enable DAC mode Pure, completely bypassing the volume control and turning off (completely turning off) the headphone amplifier, in order to obtain the highest performance of the DAC.

The USB solution is based on Xmos U, accompanied by 3 oscillators with low phase noise and is operating in asynchronous mode.

Supports streaming music to DSD and PCM up to 32bit 384KHz, and is compatible with operating systems Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.


  • THD+N less than 0.0005%, the quiescent noise 2uV

  • USB supports signals 32bit, 384KHz PCM

  • Support native DSD / Dop

  • 4 different filter modes

  • Switch to eliminate the Jitter

  • The different modes of action of the filters, the control switch of the Jitter, and allow you to get combinations of sound from the sound characteristics of different

  • DPLL high-accuracy for the automatic setting of the clock

  • Volume control, 80-step

  • Preamplifier output Single Ended / Balanced

  • Preout Balanced buffered, which can be used as a headphone amplifier balanced

  • Work as a DAC, pure, when the headphone amplifier and the preamplifier circuit are turned off

  • Headphone amplifier Single Ended pure Class A

  • LCD/LED. Easy to use. Automatic reduction of the intensity to 80% after 5 seconds of waiting

  • Automatic saving of the configuration

  • Houses in a solid aluminum case, the buttons, volume knob and feet are also made from blocks of alluminioVoltaggio universal 100V-240V

Technical Specifications:

  • The USB input supports following formats: PCM 16-32bit 44.1 Khz 48Khz 88.2 Khz 96Khz 176.4 Khz, 192Khz, 352.8 Khz, 384Khz, DSD64, DSD128

  • Supported Operating systems: Mac OSX, and Linux that is compatible with UAC2, the Kernel. KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO Drivers for MS Windows from XP to Win8 32-64bit

  • Inputs: Optical, Coaxial, AES/EBU: 16-24Bit, 44.1-192KHZ

  • SNR: -125dB

  • Dynamic Range: >122dB

  • THD+N: 0.0005%

  • Frequency response: 20-30KHz-0.2 dB

  • Crosstalk: -130dB

  • Output level is totally Balanced: 4.2 V

  • Output power of the headphone amplifier: 600TH:70mw 300O:150mw 150TH:280mw 32:1W

  • Power consumption: <30W

  • Size: 250x180x45 mm

  • Net weight: 1.6 Kg

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Dac Yulong D200... Fantastico!
Sono molto lieto di scrivere questa recensione, premetto che son lontano da essere un Audiofilo e che questo è il terzo Dac che...
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