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Choosing the best DSD Player

In this guide you will find the best tips for a careful purchase of a Hi-Fi DSD Player.

iEAST SoundStream Pro M30 review: the easy and inexpensive network player

SoundStream Pro M30 is the easy-to-use network player that works with your Android and iOS smartphone and allows you to listen to liquid music in high resolution, even from Spotify and Tidal.

Meze 99 Classics Headphones Review

The Meze 99 Classics headphones are the flagship model of Meze Headphones and are enjoying a resounding and unanimous success in Europe and worldwide, thanks to the excellent characteristics of their design and the materials used.



HiFi Di Prinzio


Vinyl Cleaning Brush (PlayStereo)

The PlayStereo anti-static brush, with two layers of carbon fibre, is an excellent dustproof brush for dry use before and after every listening on your vinyl records.

What Hi-Fi? Award Winners on Polaris Audio

Products that win the prestigious What Hi-Fi Awards on Polaris Audio

Tube or solid state amplifier?

A short guide that explains the differences between these two types of audio amplifiers: better a tube or a solid state?